Alena Müllerová

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Alena Müllerová


Alena Müllerová is TV producer and creator of documentary and feature films with other major Czech artists and intellectuals. She participated in the production or in editorial capacity in dozens of documentary films and journalistic programmes, cooperating with leading Czech documentary filmmakers. She is a lecturer at FAMU Prague, member of The Czech Film and Television Academy (CFTA).



2026, Co-producer

To Be a Poet

2025, Co-producer


2025, Co-producer

Living Large

2024, Co-producer

Is It Worth It?

2024, Co-producer

Snake Gas

2023, Co-producer

Her Body

2023, Co-producer

Keeping the Faith

2022, Producer

The Navel of the Sky

2012, Producer

Paper Heads

1996, Producer

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