Czech Republic , Hypermarket Film

Filip Remunda

Director , Producer , Writer , Story , DoP , Film Contact


The Island of Freedom

2026, Co-producer


2024, Co-producer, Film contact

Limits of Europe

2024, Film Contact, Producer, Producer, Film contact

Happiness to All

2024, Director, Producer, Writer, Film contact

The Great Nothing

2023, Producer

One Second Forever

2021, Producer

Voina Ztohoven

2020, Producer

Once Upon a Time in Poland

2020, Director, Writer

Gorbachev. Heaven

2020, Film Contact

Caught in the Net

2020, Producer


2019, Film Contact, Director, Producer, Writer

The Little Mole & Laozi

2016, Director, Writer

Steam on the River

2015, Director, Producer, Writer

Czechs Against Czechs

2015, Producer

Velvet Terrorists

2013, Film Contact

The Good Driver Smetana

2013, Film Contact, Director, Producer, Writer, DoP

Kytlice, Zimmer Frei

2012, Producer

Art Behind Bars

2012, Producer

Nothing against Nothing

2011, Producer

Copper Age

2011, Producer

For Semafor

2010, Producer

Czech Peace

2010, Director, Producer, Writer


2009, Producer

Encounters with Film

2006, Director, Producer, Writer

Czech Dream

2004, Director, Producer, Writer, Story


2002, Director

Czech Film Center
division of the Czech Film Fund promoting Czech cinema worldwide



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