Czech Republic , Bio Illusion

Miloslav Šmídmajer

Director , Producer , Writer , Story , Film Contact


Bella Mia

2013, Producer

Celebrity Ltd

2015, Director, Producer


2016, Producer

Female Factor

2022, Director, Producer

Hell with Princess

2009, Director, Producer

I Love You Heavenly

2017, Director, Producer

Jan Werich: If Somebody Already Is...

2021, Film Contact, Director, Producer, Writer, Story

Let There Be Water!

2021, Film Contact, Producer

Milan Kundera - From the Joke to Insignificance

2021, Director, Producer, Writer, Story, Film Contact

Miloš Forman: What Doesn´t Kill You...

2009, Producer, Writer, Director

Nazareth Until We Drop

2013, Director, Producer, Writer

Prague Cans

2014, Producer

Taming Crocodiles

2006, Producer

The Case of the Dead Deadman

2020, Director, Producer

To See the Sea

2014, Producer

Waking Up Yesterday

2012, Director, Producer

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